Podcast #5: Highlights from the 121st Annual Meeting

October 28, 2006

Unable to attend the 121st Annual Meeting? Listen to the five podcasts below for highlights from the main sessions.

Exclusive insights into the Learning Newsroom and Newspaper Next; success stories in automotive advertising and diversifying newspaper operations; and an update on changing media consumption habits.

Complete audio recordings and handouts of select presentations are available for purchase from Inland Press. For more information, e-mail Associate Editor Jeremy Weber at jweber AT inlandpress DOT org.


Session 1: Innovations from the Learning Newsroom

Valuable ideas from the American Press Institute’s “Learning Newsroom,” a three-year project to assist newsrooms in producing better journalism and encouraging innovation and creativity. With Vickey Williams, Learning Newsroom project director, API, Reston, Va.; Cheryl Dell, publisher, News Tribune, Tacoma, Wash.; and Libby Averyt, editor, Corpus Christi (Texas) Caller-Times.

121st Annual Meeting — Innovations from the Learning Newsroom

Session 2: Automotive Initiatives That Work

What newspapers are doing to successfully serve auto dealers and how they can generate more dealer advertising. With Butch Peiker, local and automotive sales manager, Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, Fla.; and Christina Jankauskas, senior print media buyer, GM Planworks.
121st Annual Meeting — Automotive Initiatives That Work

Session 3: How Newspapers Can Thrive in a Challenging Time

Exclusive insight into “Newspaper Next,” an important American Press Institute project that examines viable new business models for newspapers during this disruptive and challenging time. With Steve Gray, managing director, Newspaper Next, API, Reston, Va.
121st Annual Meeting — Newspaper Next: How Your Newspaper Can Thrive in Challenging Times

Session 4: Diversifying Newspaper Operations: A Key to Continued Success

How companies are growing the business with preprints, weeklies, commercial printing, direct mail products, and interactive media initiatives. With Jim Normandin, publisher, Telegraph Herald, Dubuque, Iowa.

121st Annual Meeting — Diversifying Newspaper Operations: A Key to Continued Success

Session 5: Changing the Media Consumption Landscape

What are the patterns of news consumption? Is news “dead”? Answers to these questions as well as a newer understanding of information delivery systems and the changing habits of readers. With Howard Finberg, director, innovative learning, Poynter Institute, St. Petersburg, Fla.

121st Annual Meeting — The Changing Media Consumption Landscape


Podcast #4: Inland Packaging Workshop– Keynote Addresses

September 7, 2006

This is an introduction by Bill Bolger, Indianapolis Star, at the Inland Packaging and Hybrid Printing Workshop, held August 30-31 in Chicago, Ill.

Packaging and Hybrid Printing Workshop — Bill Bolger intro

This is a presentation by Alan Flaherty, ComPlan Associates, at the Inland Packaging and Hybrid Printing Workshop, held August 30-31 in Chicago, Ill. Flaherty discusses the key strategic issues and revenue growth trends for industry post press.

Packaging and Hybrid Printing Workshop — Industry Post Press: Key Strategic Issues and Revenue Growth Trends

This is a presentation by Larry Rutherford, Chicago Tribune, at the Inland Packaging and Hybrid Printing Workshop, held August 30-31 in Chicago, Ill. Rutherford discusses how packaging and distribution can be advanced to the next level of capabilities.

Packaging and Hybrid Printing Workshop — Advancing Packaging and Distribution to the Next Level of Capabilities

Podcast #3: Connecting HR to the Newsroom

August 25, 2006

This is a presentation by Heather Ritter, Daily Herald, at the Inland Human Resources Conference, held August 17-18 in Chicago, Ill. Ritter discusses ways to bridge the “gap” between human resources and newspaper newsrooms in order to resolve current problems.

Connecting HR to the Newsroom

Podcast #2: Online Opportunities for Special Sections

August 24, 2006

This is the first half of a presentation by Myra Thompson, Toronto Star, at the Inland NSSN Special Sections Conference, held August 10-12 in Chicago, Ill. Thompson discusses how newspapers can use their Web sites to complement print special sections and increase ad sales and content.

Online Opportunities for Special Sections

Test Posting

June 17, 2006

This is a test for integrating video clips from Inland conferences into this blog. The test clip is a video commerical for a business newspaper.

Examples of Online Map “Mashups”

May 23, 2006

Here are two examples of how newspapers are using online maps to share editorial and advertising content with readers:

Classifieds: Yard Sales

Editorial/News: Local crime

Newspapers should consider how to adapt online maps for other uses. Some potential ideas and examples from http://www.lifehack.org:

Cheap Gas: Find low gas prices. 

Traffic/Weather Map: Shows traffic and weather conditions.

Weather Bonk: Real-time weather information on a Google map.

Cell Reception: Search for the best towers and signals.

Housing maps: Visualize where to buy houses and rent rooms.

gWifi: Find free wireless Internet.

toEat.com: Find local restaurants.


MapBuilder: How to build a simple map. 

Google Maps How-To: A basic how-to guide. See also Gmaps EZ.

Tutorial: How to integrate Gmaps into a Web site.

Google Maps Mania: Tracks Web sites and new uses for Google Maps. 

Podcast #1: New Media Tools For Journalists

May 10, 2006

This is the first half of a presentation by Janice Castro, Medill School of Journalism, at Inland's New Media Workshop, held April 26-27 in Chicago, Ill. Castro discusses how video games and other forms of immersive media offer clues to how newspapers must target their online offerings to readers. A second podcast will contain examples of new media storytelling tools available to newspapers.

New Media Tools For Journalists

Welcome to the Official Blog of the Inland Press Association

May 8, 2006

Greetings from the Inland Press Association! For those unable to attend our conferences and workshops, we hope to offer you free podcasts of session highlights via this blog.